Monday 15 February 2016


When I was younger my brother had a train set.
It was on the floor, with the pieces so perfect and pristine.
One day, while my brother was gone
I looked at the train set and decided to play with it.

While I was playing, I lost and broke a few pieces.
So when my brother got home, he wasn't exactly happy.
It's amazing how much a set can fall apart,
when just a few pieces are broken.

Now, my brother has already forgotten about the train set.
Left in the jungle that is our basement.
I decided to look in the basement one day,
and saw many knickknacks and doodads I had cared about but,
would no longer bat an eye at

In this one pile there was a jigsaw puzzle.
It was a hundred piece puzzle, of this blue marble in the universe, Earth.
I took it out to try and put it together,
but too many pieces were missing

This reminded me of the train set my brother had.
And of how important each piece is.
And I thought of the Earth,
and how each person on it is like a piece of the puzzle

Each human on Earth had a job,
A baker, a doctor, a janitor, a beekeeper.
They all made up the Earth,
but pieces were missing.

I thought about the many problems we had on Earth.
Ice caps melting. Oceans rising. Temperatures increasing. It's a mess.
The Earth is a mess. We leave pieces behind, 
thinking that it doesn't matter,
that it'll get fixed like toys in a basement.

We humans work towards a goal with speeds faster than sound.
Without taking in the beautiful scenery of the Earth.
But, no one remembers. Every building we built,
Every fruit we ate and every droplet of water we drank came from the Earth

Careless. We spill oil and junk into the oceans just to power the speeding train of humanity.
But soon that train will stop.
Blocked by the boulder of pieces,
that we threw away just to get to that goal.

And if no one does anything, nothing will change.
We will drive head first into the bolder, with us as passengers.
But we don't have to be passengers,
we could be the builders.

Every nail hit, every Iron molded and every track placed.
 It will help us finish this puzzle and avoid the rock
But no one builder can do it alone.
Each human is a builder,
and each can help build the track past the builder,

We can build a better humanity, a better Earth.
But that's if we do something about it.
So lets not lose lose parts of the train set or jigsaw puzzle.
Lets not be passangers.
Lets be builders

Sadly, I don't know the name of the person responsible to give him credit, but his presentation of this poem is here: .

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Today's Astonishing Fact

Energy use is responsible for 66% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emission

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Today's Astonishing Fact

Between 15 to 20% of the large nature reserves in southern reserves in southern Africa would experience a change in biome or habitat type under different climate change scenarios 

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